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Cragun Endodontics


Jake Cragun, DDS, MS

Welcome to Cragun Endodontics

Perhaps your dentist recently told you, "You need a root canal."  If you feel anxious about it, we understand.  Many people do.  The great news is that root canals are not what they used to be thanks to many technological advances in our profession.   At Cragun Endodontics, we take pride in showing you how positive this experience can be.  We are already looking forward to your time with us and promise to provide you with the finest endodontic treatment available.  

Practice Profile

Cragun Endodontics is conveniently located right off the North Dallas Tollway on Main Street in Frisco, Texas.  

Our mission is simple:  To provide you with the finest quality root canal treatment available and at the same time, change the way root canal treatment is perceived one patient at a time.  

How is this mission accomplished?  Dr. Cragun's practice utilizes all the latest technologies to provide competent endodontic care.  These technologies include, but are not limited to:

  • Cragun Endodontics is a completely "paperless office."  The Digital Office (TDO) is dental practice software that allows our patients and referrring doctors the ability to view and update information online at their convenience.  Online registration is a time saving advantage for our patients.  Feel free to contact our office for more details and instructions about this process.
  • Cragun Endodontics utilizes digital radiography to achieve higher resolution images of your teeth producing an immediate image, reducing the exposure time of radiation to our patients
  • As a specialist, Dr. Cragun spent an extra 2 years after dental school becoming trained to treat all patients using the surgical operating microscope.   The microscope offers increased magnification and illumination to visualize the internal anatomy of your tooth, including extra root canals, anatomy, or microscopic cracks in your tooth.  
  • Cragun Endodontics was the first in Texas to get the Kodak 8100 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner.  This CT scanner produces significantly less radiation than normal medical CT machines and produces the highest resolution images in the dental market.  These 3D images allow for a more detailed consultation where Dr. Cragun can discover extra canals, cracks, or abnormal anatomy before even entering the tooth, thus providing a more more reliable prognosis of given treatment plan.


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Dr Cragun is Board Certified by the American Board of Endodontics

Patient Testimonials

Referred by my dentist to Dr. Cragun, and they saw me the same day and scheduled a root canal the next. The staff was awesome, and I spent about two minutes in the waiting room, both for the original consult and the procedure. The procedure, a root canal, took exactly as long as estimated, so my schedule for the rest of the day remained intact. No pain during the procedure, and only mild pain following. Got a personal call from the doctor that evening to check on me. No problems or pain to date. Dr. Cragun combines technical competency with a very personable manner, and seems like a pretty good guy. If I need further work done, I would definitely return to Dr. Cragun, and would be comfortable sending the rest of my family to his office. You might be lucky enough to find a practice that provides an equally good overall experience, but I can't imagine being able to find better.

Joel G.

Dr. Cragun is the best Dr I have ever been to. He is a pro. His bedside manner is brilliant because he really cares about me the patient. I had an emergency and was in real pain. I had seen another Dr and they sent me home suggesting my pain was something else but Dr Cragun found the issue and fixed it. Dr. Cragun fit me in and fixed me up. He did such a good job and it was all over in 1 hour. Dr. Cragun even called me later that evening to see how I was going! That has never ever happened to me before! I highly recommend Dr. Cragun. Dr. Cragun, you are a star!!!

Warwick Leitch

Had a great experience at Dr. Cragun's office from being greeted warmly at the front desk to the competent handling of x-rays and intake to Dr. Cragun's thorough, but gentle dental care. I would definitely recommend Dr. Cragun to anyone looking for an endo who is skilled and personable.

Lindy L.

I had a great experience at Dr. Cragun's office. I needed a root canal in one of my bicuspids, and they were able to get me in right away. I was super nervous, and he and his staff were very understanding and totally put my mind at ease. His office is beautiful, super clean, and he was extremely thorough in explaining my condition and exactly what would happen while he performed the root canal. Dr. Cragun has an amazing bedside manner that will totally make the most anxious person feel at ease and relaxed. Even though he said I wouldn't feel any pain during the procedure, I did prepare myself for some pain (I figured it was inevitable), but to my surprise I didn't feel anything. All I felt was a little tugging and pressure, but no pain whatsoever. Through the whole process he made sure I was comfortable. I would highly recommend his team to everyone, and will definitely go back if I need another root canal.

Heather T.

So I went to my normal dentist after going through some medical treatment and I was told I needed a few root canals... one possibly two immediately. So i was referred to Dr. Cragun and he saw me that same day and was probably the best dentist I have ever been too. His entire staff was fantastic and made me feel perfectly normal and not nervous at all. The next day I got my root canal and I didn't feel a thing. That same night he even called me to make sure that I was doing alright and asked if there was anything I needed. I have told all my friends and family about how wonderful my experience was and I will definitely be going there for anything I need in the future.

Austin P