Dental Trauma Treatment in Frisco

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What Is Dental Trauma?

Dental trauma can be defined as physical injury to the teeth, gums, the alveolar bone, and even the lips and tongue. It can include the following types of trauma: 

  • Chipped or fractured tooth
  • Tooth subluxation (tooth knocked loose)
  • Tooth intrusion (tooth jammed into the socket)
  • Tooth avulsion (tooth knocked completely out)
  • Lacerations of the soft tissue, such as lips and gums
  • Jaw fracture

Dental trauma is often caused by things such as car accidents, falls, sports injuries, fighting, or even physical abuse. And it is crucial that it is addressed immediately to have the best chance of saving the tooth or teeth.

Procedures Offered For Dental Trauma

In treating dental trauma, a root canal is often warranted, especially if the pulp is left exposed. This relieves pain and can allow the tooth to begin to be restored. For those teeth that have been knocked out entirely, they can likely be replanted as long as the patient has the teeth and they haven’t been out of the mouth for more than an hour. It will be placed in its socket with a stabilizing splint to hold it steady. 

When it comes to trauma, there are many scenarios that an endodontist is faced with. A thorough examination will bring to light the things that need to be addressed and the potential treatment options that can help to save the affected teeth. 

Why Choose Cragun Endodontics?

Dealing with dental trauma can be scary - hence the name. We treat our patients like family, offering comfort while keeping your best interest as our first concern.

At Cragun Endodontics we maintain a high level of priority for those who have suffered dental trauma. Trauma can involve many different variables, but having state-of-the-art technology helps Dr. Cragun to determine the scope of the problem and a resolution for treatment. With over 9 years of being Board Certified and extensive training and experience in the field of endodontics, you can trust that you will receive superior treatment and service in our office.


What should I do if my tooth falls out? 

If possible, find your tooth - or as much of it as possible. Be sure to only handle the crown of the tooth (this is the white part you usually see above the gumline). Rinse the tooth in cold water and put it back in the socket in your mouth. You will want to push firmly, but without force. Bite down to hold the tooth in place. If you cannot get it in the socket, place the tooth in milk until you can get to the dentist. Do not leave it dry. 

Call your endodontist right away. Time is of the essence if your tooth is to be saved! This is a dental emergency. 

What is the most common dental trauma? 

The most common types of dental trauma are soft tissue injuries. In other words, lacerations. Although fractured teeth (or crowns), tooth avulsion (knocked out), or tooth subluxation (loose tooth) are also incredibly common. 

How long does it take for dental trauma to heal? 

Dental trauma is a general phrase that represents many different traumatic situations with your teeth. That means how long it takes to heal will be based on the type of trauma. Generally speaking, it could take anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks or more to fully heal. 

If I hit my tooth, but it didn’t fall out, should I go to the dentist? 

Anytime your tooth is exposed to trauma, you need to be seen by the dentist. It may not be hurting at the moment or even appear that something is wrong, but it could be. And the only way to make sure that your tooth is not damaged is to have it examined by a professional. 

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