Regenerative Endodontics in Frisco

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What Is Regenerative Endodontics?

Regenerative endodontics is a treatment procedure that replaces damaged pulp tissue with healthy tissue capable of helping with healing. In turn, this allows normal function to be restored to the tooth. The procedure has been used in necrotic teeth, traumatized teeth with external root resorption, teeth that face persistent apical periodontitis, and more. It has also been commonly used in immature teeth requiring root canals.  

Benefits of Regenerative Endodontics

Taking advantage of new endodontic procedures and the magnificence of science can lead to amazing outcomes. So, when it comes to the benefits of regenerative endodontics - there are a few, but many more to come as this field continues to progress. 

  • Keeping (or restoring) the vitality of immature teeth is important when development isn’t complete. And regenerative endodontics can help. 
  • Maintains the dentin, keeping the teeth strong and less fracture-prone.
  • A pulp full of life could fight hard against future bacterial invasion. 

Remember, an endodontist’s mission is to save teeth. Regenerative endodontics is proving to aid in doing just that. 

Why Choose Cragun Endodontics?

At Cragun Endodontics, we are trying to stay ahead of the rest with our state-of-the-art technology and advanced procedures, such as regenerative endodontics. It’s cutting-edge and we’re a part of it. And we know that this means we can offer you the best opportunities for your oral health. 

We offer a high level of excellence in service to our patients as we work together to determine your needs and concerns - and any treatment possibilities that can help solve them. It’s our commitment to you. Dr. Cragun has been Board Certified for over 9 years with extensive training in endodontics. So, when it comes to the inner-workings of your tooth - he’s one of the best in the area at saving it. 

A trustworthy practice, a comfortable office space, and top-of-the-line treatment is what we are all about at Cragun Endodontics.


What is the primary goal of regenerative endodontic procedures?

The overall goal of this advanced procedure is to regenerate the tissues of the dentin-pulp area of the tooth so that it can function normally. 

Can roots regrow? 

Believe it or not, root regeneration is possible - as long as it has the right balanced setting to do so. It is definitely something to pay attention to in the future. 

Who is a good candidate for regenerative endodontics?

It is up to the endodontist to make the determination whether or not you are a candidate for the procedure. Typically, children and adolescents make great candidates. Also, those who have recently dealt with a lot of decay and infection resulting in a root canal treatment.  

How is regenerative endodontics different from a root canal? 

A root canal is about removing the pulp along with the infection and decay and then filling the pulp chamber with a material of some sort. Regeneration involves placing live tissues in the place of the pulp.  

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