Is Endodontic Surgery Painful?

Is Endodontic Surgery Painful?

Team Endodontic

If you are in need of endodontic surgery, you are probably wondering if the treatment will hurt or just how painful surgery may be. The good news is that you can put your mind to rest because undergoing endodontic surgery can actually provide a welcome relief and put an end to pain you may currently be experiencing from inflammation or infection.

Will Endodontic Surgery Hurt?

Thanks to local anesthetics, you will not feel any pain during the procedure itself. It is expected that you may experience some discomfort and possibly minor swelling as you begin to recover. Fortunately, these side effects are short lived and easily treated at home with over-the-counter pain medication and cold compresses.

Once you have completed the healing process, you may feel a sense of relief that was long overdue if you were subject to pain or ongoing infection that hasn’t been resolved through other methods.

Is a Root Canal the Same Thing as Endodontic Surgery?

While a root canal is an endodontic procedure, it does not fall under the classification of endodontic surgery. A root canal is actually a non-surgical procedure that is pre-emptive to surgery. The goal of a root canal is to save a patient’s natural tooth without needing further intervention, but sometimes surgery may be necessary.

Often, if surgery is needed, a procedure called an apicoectomy, or apical surgery, can resolve the issue at hand. Sometimes referred to as “root end surgery,” this type of endodontic surgery entails removing a portion of the root tip and then sealing the root canal.

Patients may need apical surgery after a root canal, and possibly a root canal retreatment, have been done if inflammation or infection have progressed to the root tip in the jawbone. While it may sound intimidating, an apicoectomy can be the best option to save your natural tooth and avoid extraction.

Is Endodontic Surgery Worthwhile?

When the word “surgery” is used, it can evoke a negative reaction and feelings of fear and avoidance; however, many endodontic surgery patients actually feel an immeasurable relief and experience many benefits by going through with this type of procedure.

Endodontic surgery can be a lifeline for natural teeth. It allows patients to maintain the functionality and good health of their existing teeth without the need to have the affected tooth extracted. Furthermore, it can drastically reduce the risk of more serious health conditions that can be caused by persistent infections or ongoing inflammation, especially in cases where this has begun to spread to the jawbone or elsewhere in the body. Endodontic surgery is known for its high rate of success in healing and resolving such issues, and thus preventing conditions from worsening if left untreated.


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